If there has been a death in your family, please contact Fr. Thomas, Pastor, at 313.831.1356 to make funeral service arrangements.

If you are planning to have a funeral at Sacred Heart, the attached forms will be helpful in making arrangments as well as providing the parish with necessary information.

Funeral Planning Information Sheet

Sacred Heart’s Order of Funeral Mass

Suggested Readings for the Funeral Mass

Recommended Funeral Stipends
The following suggested stipends/fees are based on services rendered by Sacred Heart’s staff. [In case of financial hardship, all fees may be waived.]
Church $150.00
Organist $150.00
[Additional instrumentalists] $200.00
Cantor $100.00
Priest/presider: None
Deacon: None

While no stipend/fee is expected, families often choose to make a gift as a sign of their appreciation for the pastoral services rendered by the presiding priest and assisting deacon.